Caption: Clemens Dörr, founder and CEO of Elemente Clemente


“We believe that sustainable fashion has got style and sustainability itself to be a question of panache. Design means responsibility. It is free from trends and stands against an all too rapid change of times. Manufacturing under fair conditions and responsible handling of all of our resources are the basis of our work.”

Clemens Dörr


Our goals are not just ours as a company but also those of everyone accompanying us, be it customers, vendors, or associates. They share our esteem for humans and materials to create minimalistic, exceptional, and urban-style fashion


Each Fabric, each method of manufacturing, and each look has a history that just fits with us. Twice a year and just outside Munich, a puristic, individual, and urban collection comes into being that reflects the Zeitgeist and stands out as an unmistakable Elemente Clemente It-collection. Its origin is apparent and palpable, its design distinctive. We love reduced looks and smart silhouettes, accentuating the wearer’s personality. “We care more for the head looking out of the collar than for the collar itself.” (Clemens Dörr) – true to our motto: slow fashion for long life.


Elemente Clemente trusts in ecology and sustainability when selecting materials. This is not to be seen as a mere trend but as part of our DNA. We provide our customers with Slow Fashion, manufactured from ecological materials, recycled or upcycled fabrics, and high-quality textiles.Our merchandise derives from a responsible and transparent line of production and all collections are being manufactured in Europe or at our associate’s production site in Tunisia. We collaborate with fashion labels that stand for ecological and socially responsible methods of manufacturing and we strictly reject exploitation, forced labor, and child labor. Also, we are working together with several regional enterprises to avoid unnecessary long lines of transportation, save natural resources, and support local businesses.


Everybody knows that fast (new eingefügt) fashion has conquered the world. Order, wear, and dump has become mass phenomena that pick up speed. Bashing this habit isn’t exactly new but necessary. Still, we don’t want to talk a bad conscience into people but offer alternative ways instead. Minding the world is minding oneself. Anonymous items of clothing generate neither beauty nor attention. A garment with a story and esteem, on the other hand, passes this on to the wearer. “Fashion needs to underline the wearer’s self.” (Clemens Dörr). Therefore, we trust in highquality materials, natural colors, and flowing styles as a framework for a greater personality. We call this “the next level fashion” Wrong. It’s either the next level OF fashion or the next fashion level