Cruelty-free pure wool is knitted in Italy in a high-grade way and then gets felted. This milled cloth served for example as a traditional, waterproofed garment for mountaineers. It is self-cleaning, very sturdy, breathable, and warming. Wool is produce of nature and therefore to us, as a sustainable company, a very important resource.  New wool is a fleece fabric gained by the soft coat of sheep by shearing the fleece or combing out. We don’t process any wool by dead sheep or reusable old wool. We solely use high-quality wool that has not been treated with the so-called “mulesing” method. Mulesing is a cruel method during which a lamb’s skin is removed around its tail. This painful procedure, because it is usually conducted without injecting any painkillers, is intended to prevent infestation by fly maggots. We as animal loves and philanthropists reject such methods.

No sterling wool or shredded wool is used for our products. We only usehigh-quality new wool from sheep that have not been treated with the mulesing process.

Pure wool is knitted in Italy to absolute quality and then felted. Wool is a natural product and therefore an important raw material for us as a sustainable company.

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