Tencel, a natural fiber material, provides some special characteristics. Absorbing moisture, it is very breathable, too, it is cooling in hot conditions and warming when the
weather gets cold. Apart from its organic benefits, it is also very suitable for allergy sufferers. TENCEL™ is mostly won from gumwood. The blue gum tree, which needs 80
percent less water than cotton trees, is grown on surfaces not suitable for food growing and provides a harvest quantity that is six times higher than that of cotton. This unique
closed production cycle makes TENCEL™ the fiber of the future because its dissolver stays within the cycle almost 100 percent. The cycle method has been awarded the “European Award for the Environment.

TENCEL ™ is mainly obtained from eucalyptus wood. Cultivation requires 80% less water than cotton and has six times the yield.

The unique, closed, manufacturing process of TENCEL ™ was awarded the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union.

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