RECYCLED Polyamide/Polyester

RECYCLED Polyamide/Polyester

Recycled polyester, often made from PET bottles, is produced by using a special recycling method. The sturdy and long-lasting material is crease resistant, easy to clean, flexible and requires less production energy than cotton and conventional nylon. One metric ton of recycled polyester saves about 5.7 cubic meters of waste. Recycling provides enormous savings potentials regarding required energy and resource quantities like crude oil, which needs not be extracted again. Compared to the original production, more than 90 percent of water can be saved.

Recycled polyester is gained by using a special process, for example
from old PET bottles. Compared to the initial production, up to 90% of
water can be saved.

As with polyester, nylon (polyamide) is regenerated from old, collected
fishing nets, among other things. This not only relieves the seas and marine fauna such as dolphins, turtles, and whales but also saves energyand raw materials.

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