When a fashion designer wins over a star for cooperation, it is usually about trends and looks. For elemente clemente, though, it’s about nothing less than making the world a better place and a message that concerns all of us. Jane Goodall, the famous British ethologist, and environmental researcher, who has been advocating actively for nature and the environment for decades have a simple and nevertheless challenging message: “Each and everyone can make a difference every day.”

We’ve decided to answer this call and therefore asked Jane Goodall for her advice and her cooperation. Sustainability plays a key role within our fashion collections and we are most honored in collaborating with this wonderful woman.

As a result, a joint idea occurred of transferring Jane Goodall’s future vision into fashion. What has emerged is the fantastic Triple Eco T-Shirt Collection, something that has never been seen before. Designed by students of the AMD (Akademie Mode & Design in Munich), they had the task of creating motto shirts to express Jane Goodall’s issue. A top-level fashion jury selected the five best designs.

Five Euros out of each T-Shirt sold are going into projects providing „Seeds of Hope“ (the title of Jane

Goodall’s most popular book). So, whoever takes part in it, will be part of it. Quote Jane Goodall: “Be part of it!”